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Music Speaker KH-83

SKU: WIT-Speaker KH 83
* USB Power Source
* 1.5 Watt RMS Power
* 2 Satellite Speakers
* Speaker Control, 3 Mts. Wty.
Product Description
Music Speaker KH-83 Speaker wholesale Colorful LED lighted outdoor wireless card portable. KH-83 new wireless Bluetooth speakers Colorful LED mini computer speaker subwoofer creative USB card small portable speaker phone
Product Specification
Model KH-83
Brand N/A
Color Black
Output 1.5 Watt RMS
Powered (AC, Adapter, USB) USB
Approx Age 1 Months used
Warranty Period 3 Months
Warranty From Extend Works - Service Division of Madhu Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.,
Warranty Till 90 Days from the date of purchase
Warranty Type Carry In
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