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Bluetooth Music systems SEIK BL-T6

SKU: WIT-Bluetooth-SEIK BL-T6
* USB Power Source
* 1.5 Watt RMS Power
* 2 Satellite Speakers
* Speaker Control, 3 Mts. Wty.
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Product Description
Bluetooth Music systems SEIK BL-T6 Good sound quality, attractive design and many innovative features, speaker has got it all to make your listening experience all the more immersive.
Product Specification
Model SEIK BL-T6
Brand N/A
Color Black
Output 1.5 Watt RMS
Powered (AC, Adapter, USB) USB
Approx Age 1 Months used
Warranty Period 3 Months
Warranty From Extend Works - Service Division of Madhu Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.,
Warranty Till 90 Days from the date of purchase
Warranty Type Carry In
In The Box Speakers
connectivity Type Bluetooth
Wattage 1.5 Watt RMS Power