Toshiba Satellite C640 HDD Cover Door For Laptop

Part No: V000943510 C640
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* Original Toshiba Satellite C640 Cover Door
* HDD Cover Door | Part Number : V000943510
* Suitable for Toshiba Satellite C640 Laptop
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SKU WIT-LPT-Toshiba/C640HDD Cover(12293)
Genuine Toshiba Satellite C640 Laptop HDD Cover Door case comes with Part Number V000943510 C640. Item condition : 100% Original and High Quality Cover Door Case. Refurbished Details Product is in perfectly working condition and no components have been repaired, only general service done.
Product Condition
Condition Used
Used: Used products are the ones which are used by an individual for his day to day work. these category of products are tested for fully functionality without any problem.  No repair would be done for these category products, if any replacements of accessories are done the same will be specified for every product. WorthIT guarantees that this category products are fully functional and will offered min 3 months warranty in the absence of brand warranty.
Product Specification
Brand Toshiba
Type Laptop HDD Cover Door
Part Number V000943510
Suitable For Toshiba Satellite C640 Laptop