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Environment friendly disposal

Responsible Disposal

We take pride in calling ourselves as responsible refurbisher and partnered recycler who cares for environment.

 We have take back services pan India, our partners across India act as take back agents who collects all the IT products and electronics which are working or non-working.

These products are transported to our facility and then evaluated for further process and will undergo any of the following

  1. If the product is in good condition or with minor repairs and if it can be used for min of 1 more year then the product will go the refurbishing division, were products will be refurbished and put for re use.
  2. If the product is not functioning and few components are working then, components are pulled out, tested for functionality and put for re use. Remaining parts are sent for safe disposal.
  3. Product which are not working or not fit to re-use are being sent to recyclers who are registered with MOEF/CPCB as recyclers/reprocesses having environmentally sound management facilities.