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Environmental issues, global pollution and garbage are all issues that are relevant to the health of the planet and humanity.

Most packages are shipped with some kind of material that has been placed there for buffering purposes; examples include plastic air bubbles, starch or Styrofoam “peanuts” or wads of crumpled paper,all these packages along with the cardboard boxes that ultimately find their way to the garbage. We request our esteem customers to give us these packing materials Instead of throwing away. Storing such collection of used boxes and packing materials does take up huge space but still we would continue to this to do our bit in saving our planet.

We ship all our refurbished products packed in these kinds of collected carton boxes and packing materials.Each time we use a recyclable substance in our shipping materials decreases the demand for virgin paper and plastic products.

Packaging made from recycled goods is one of many small steps that can help ease environmental concerns.