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E-Waste Management @ WorthIT



Year after Year e-waste is persistently increasing and is going beyond our imagination, and this means the latest technology will go out-dated soon & end up as Ewaste. This process of new-old-new is so fast that the manufacturing of future is in process while present is taking birth.

E-waste or electronic scrap is one of the fastest growing problems in the world and many environmentalists are eagerly concerned for the increasing e-waste will be a big risk for our environment.

E-waste or e-scrap counts pre-used products like computers, Laptops, Gadgets, TV, refrigerators and other electronic devices. The matter is their improper disposal which causes huge negative effect to our health and environment, as the release of toxic chemicals like lead, cadmium, dioxins from burnt plastics/PVC, mercury, etc. can make serious health issues. Statistically, approximately 90% country’s electronic scrap is being disposed or re-cycled unofficially.

Worldwide, more than 50 million metric ton of e-waste is disposed every year. However, only 2% of total waste is electronic, but it stands at about 70% of total toxic waste. Every Year Graph of Ewaste is growing very high.


At WorthIT, we think of solutions for these problems, and not only finding solution for e-waste, we renew a pre-used device’s their life through repairs or refurbishment and then re-sell them in a fully working condition there by seeding the foundation for clean and healthy Environment.

 WorthIT sources the products majorly from corporates and companies who would upgrade their products to latest configuration due to project demands or policy. Our in-house certified engineers will first inspect the products to check whether they are viable for reconditioning. Also, tracing the history of the device gives us service level details & upgrades made to the original configuration. If the products meets our criteria then these products are cleaned, repaired, and checked for quality before it is sent for dispatch. 

Instead of destroying carton boxes that arrive from the manufacturer and packaging it with our own branded boxes, we believe in reusing them. The packaging is repeatedly recovered, inspected, repaired and reissued into the supply chain for reuse. We tell our customers about the return, recovery and collection facilities available for returning of the packaging boxes, hence making them aware of our environment friendly approach towards the society. Reusable packaging offers a wide range of economic, social and environmental benefits over single-use packaging at all levels of the supply chain.

Additional sourcing of Electronics at

Corporates: Certain Percentage of Computers and laptops will be taken from the big corporate clients as per their order.

Arrival: A certain percentage of computers arrive at retailers place in dead condition due to improper handling during transit or any other reason.

Upgradation/Exchange: Individual consumers dispose their used laptops and desktops to upgrade to newer models to unlock the value which can partly fund to purchase their new device.

Schools and colleges: Schools and college students will dispose the used laptops and computers to upgrade it to new version.

According to source we will be deciding the process. The process will be explained in the next Part of this content. Any ways we believe in our motto to “Go Green”. To buy Refurbished Used Laptops and Computers visit