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Buying a Second Hand Laptop and how helps to overcome those mistakes.

Second Hand Laptop and how helps to overcome those mistakes.

#1: Buying a laptop “for today”.


It’s an old bit of advice, but it still holds true. Instead of buying a laptop for today, buy one for where you will be in a year. Because technology will not be the same, it changes as generation grow, for example if you buy the second hand laptop which runs in I7 Processor will be changed within a month to I8 Processor and 4 GB Ram to 8 GB RAM. WorthIT provides a wide range of refurbished laptops with i3, i5 & i7 Processor Laptops & CPUs, 4GB to 8GB RAMs across different brands like Dell, HP, IBM and many more.


Mistake #2: Buying the cheapest available model.


Biggest Mistake Is buying the cheapest Computer online but it probably won’t have all the features, battery life, adequate RAM, Powerful Processor etc. Rather than jumping for the lowest price, it’s best to find the laptop that will actually serve your needs. A good way to begin your search is to know exactly what you need. Make a list of must-have features, then cross-check that list with spec sheets.

For Example:

Screen Size:  13” or 15.6”?

Ram: 2GB or 4GB or 8GB?

Processor: i3 or i5 or i7?

Make a list of all features and start comparing it with other brands; worthit helps on this buy providing lot of options. To compare Visit


Mistak#3: Avoiding the Features.

Not all the used laptops will have a same screen resolution, not all laptops include the same number of ports? How about three USB ports? Some of the Second Hand laptops will have different features depending on the price; some laptops will have 3 USB ports for lower prices, some will have high screen resolution for high price or small screen resolution for low price. Key is to identify & buy the laptop
 which is having most of the required features at affordable price.


Mistake #4: Check details before buying.


Before buying the second hand Laptops check the product once on the seller website or directly because sometime second Hand or refurbished laptops will have high side of defects. Some will have screen defects, Hard disk defects, run time error or some other problems. Before buying the used laptops or second Hand Laptops test it by running it. At WorthIT, we publish all the refurbishment details and put up actual pictures to display the scratches/dents & other defects that the system would have. This would ensure that the buyer is aware of the state of the device & avoid unpleasent surprises after puchasing one.


Mistake #5: Paying too much.


Second Hand laptops will cost lesser because it is refurbished; the entire defective module are replaced by new ones, Hard Disks, RAM or any other part. For Example Original Dell Vostro 2520 Laptops Costs around `35000 at any of your popular eCommerce site but some other refurbished sellers are selling it for `17000 or `18000. WorthIT being one of the leaders in refurbished industry provides wide range of alternates, not only on the same brand that you might be looking for, other brands also for lesser price with high quality.

Happy Shopping –